HUGE thanks to our wonderful funding partners – City of Newcastle, New Annual, and the RISE fund from the Australian Government. Nope of this would be possible without you!

City of Newcastle

From October of 2020, City of Newcastle has funded Made. In. Newcastle events through the generous support of their Special Business Rates program. An initial 6 months of funding saw activations throughout the centre of town, from venues as diverse as the Royal Exchange to Jams Karaoke Bar. Mini-murals in local cafes, rooftop cabaret performances, giant puppets in the park – thanks Newcastle! Its been a wild ride, and we’ve loved having you on board!


From April of 2021, the RISE fund from the Australian Government has been added to our funding partners for Made. In. Newcastle. Running through December of 2021, Made. In. Newcastle. is now happening throughout all of Newcastle! Gallery exhibitions, unique artist collaborations, large scale performances, and creative developments – generous support from RISE has taken the arts in Newcastle to a whole other level! Amongst other activations, RISE funding also supported the initial season of The Hangar from Fingers Crossed Creative, and the reworking of Taylor’s Run for touring from Curious Legends.

New Annual

In October of 2020, the inaugural New Annual Festival supported a number of key activities as part of Made. In. Newcastle. This included the first season of The Hangar venue with the Sci-fi Spectacular, Taylor’s Run at the Summerhill Waste Transfer Centre, OMGWTF, and several Loung Sessions. We look forward to working with the New Annual again in October of 2021!

Made. In. Newcastle